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A Short Family Trip to the Catskills

August 4, 2018

We always have a hard time planning longer trips and vacations, possibly because I find this sometimes really challenging with both of the kids or because we just aren’t that great at planning too far in advance. Instead, we’ve been opting for short, drivable trips so we can allow ourselves an adventure-packed few days without spending too much money or being away from home for too long.

On a whim we chose to take a quick trip up to the Catskills, which is only a little over three hours from Philadelphia if you don’t find yourself stuck in any weekend or rush-hour traffic. I had my eyes on a little resort called The Graham and Co. in Phoenicia, which is known for it’s no-frills design, a hot spot for Brooklynites to disconnect for a bit. But with our last minute planning and two small kids we weren’t able to find the space we needed at The G+C. Luckily I found a cute little group of cottages on AirBnB a little bit outside of Phoenicia that hit my love for vintage lake-house campiness right on the nose. It also was more private than The G+C and had a bathtub, two bedrooms, and a small kitchen – which took a lot of stress out of traveling with the kids.


The best thing about this trip was being able to unplug, there was no cell service most places we explored – including our cottage, and just spend screen-free time with the kids enjoying nature and doing most everything outdoors. The cottage was on a large property with access to a private swimming hole on Esopus Creek. The water was cold for the summertime, but so refreshing after we had spent the morning hiking (slowly) with the kids. I hear the fishing is fantastic, too… if that’s your thing.

We had such a lovely time that I can’t wait to go back for an adults-only trip. There was quite a bit that we could’ve explored if the kids weren’t in tow, but we got to see and do plenty of fun things. You can read more about that here.


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